I was thinking about how a scent, especially perfumes can have an impact on you. My first memory of perfume, was not the smell but the story around it. I was about 6 years old and playing with my mother’s favourite bottle of perfume, can’t remember the name but the bottle was red and I broke it. Needless to say she was not a happy bunny. Sorry mom!

Getting dressed, you must include a spritz of something that smells good. I look at my mother’s enourmous collection and I am in awe. It’s something quite special. In light of this I developed an affinity for perfumes and even some colognes. A well dressed man isn’t well dressed unless he’s got on cologne. It’s sexy and hmmm just scrumptious! I digress. Over the years my taste in perfume has evolved and instead of the sweet, bubble gum scents I tend to go towards subtle, sophisticated but you know I’m here kind of smell. I guess that’s natural with the passing of time.

Anyways, I thought I’d share with you a few of the perfumes I love and the one cologne I just love to smell on a man. Here they are…


J’adore by Christian Dior

J’adore by Christian Dior– I fell for this perfume without even smelling it. The power of Charlize Theron and marketing suckered me in. I bought into the dream . Anyway, I remember talking about this perfume to a friend in College and saying that I was going to get it for myself as a birthday present. Lo and behold one of my classmates overhead the conversation and got for me. Very sweet! Each time I wear it I remember the kindness of people and a kick-ass birthday party.

Premiere by Gucci

Premiere by Gucci– This perfume found me whilst I was walking around duty free in the airport. I booked this girly holiday with one of my bffs to Portugal, which was great timing since I got made redundant from my job about a week before. Talk about timing. I smelt this perfume and instantly fell in love however, with a £60 price tag I thought nah! On our way back to London it was still in my thoughts and my friend said to me that I needed a bit of decadence after all the crapiness. I did and it’s my go-to scent when I need a bit of decadence.


My Burberry by Burberry

My Burberry by Burberry– this is a helluva expensive perfume but my oh my does it deliver. Again, I was at the airport (I notice a pattern here) smelt it and decided to see how it would smell on me. Wow is all I can say. Unfortunately I didn’t purchase it but perhaps on my way back I may just pick it up. It will certainly be a scent that signifies new beginnings and that life isn’t all rainbows and unicorns but, you can survive and thrive.

Noir by Tom Ford

 Noir by Tom Ford– This cologne is so sexy! then again you look at Tom Ford and you understand why. The man oozes sex appeal. Oh hey Mr Ford :). I don’t know if it’s the black pepper oil, nutmeg, vanilla or something else that makes this scent luscious on a man.


Interesting how a scent can be connected to a memory, feeling or experience. So tell me, what’s your favourite scent and memory?

Be well peeps!

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