Interview- Lisa Steele

Have you ever met someone and just by looking at them you knew there was something special about them? Well that’s how I felt about Lisa when I first met her. I’ve known Lisa for over 10 years and I’ve always marveled at her confidence, drive and just all round fabulousness. This girl…woman knows how to thrive and she does it with class, grace, style and a wicked sense of humour. I wanted to find out about her views, here’s what she had to say about….LisaS (537x640)


If I had to describe myself in 3 words I would say that I’m  serious-minded, funny and fantabulous!

My motto in life is what you see is what you get, expect the unexpected and keep it moving!

Difficult situations…. Jeez, I don’t even know how I survive them!
Hmmm, I tend to take things in like a sponge, internalise them, it stays there to be analysed, then it’s dissected, I get rid of what I don’t want and keep what I need, this is the emotional process.
The physical process, I get loads of help from a few friends, both male and female, this helps give me perspective and each one of my friends is so different in personality it’s as if they are all a combination of myself in different pieces which I go to when I need the specific one! Spiritually I believe in God, so that’s my foundation.. I’m quite practical too, so I’m kind of different in that way compared to a few women I know. I cry too when I need it and I allow my feelings the time it needs!

Hahahaaa a book about my life aye?!!  The chronicles of Lisa Steele prepare to live vicariously!


I have no damn idea, I’m just always so bloody confident! I don’t even think about it. I believe my childhood had everything to do with it, I was left alone to be myself be a Tom-girl, play run jump skip fall down get cuts and bruises, cry, laugh and most of all I was loved tremendously by my foster parents, I was their world! As an adult I expect to be just that to anyone I’m involved with….their world and more because it’s what they get from me.

I wouldn’t want to tell my 16 year old self anything. At16, I was allowed to be 16 and my journey from then to now has been exceptional!

Relationships and Sex

(Laughing uncontrollable here) My philosophy on relationships and sex… Hmmm…..Sex is sex, relationships are hard work; doubt that would be considered a philosophy

Style and Inspiration

If I’m honest nobody really inspired my style, I don’t even think I’m “stylish” per say, I’m a bit own way too, lol. I wore whatever I wanted to, I remember when I graduated from secondary school I wanted a particular shoe from a store named ate logo(the e has a tilde), I saved up before I left school and bought it, wore it with my uniform the day we graduated, when I took it home my mother went mental.. How expensive it was and I wasted my money.. I didn’t care all I knew was I wanted those shoes so I found a way to get it! I did tailoring and seamstress courses so I could sew.  I would alter clothing and make my own stuff as much as I could, I hated sewing so I didn’t do it often, I just wanted to create my own clothes, because the clothing in stores didn’t excite me like the ones I used to see in music videos and magazines from abroad!

As for my go to easy look, it depends on the season; if it’s hot I tend to wear denim shorts(as short as I can get way with), a t-shirt, sandals/converse, cute earrings(either gold or silver),simple bangles and sunglasses, make up very minimal, powder and eyebrows done, light perfume! If it’s cold-ish; long denims or leggings, slip on boots(because it’s easy) converse or sneakers, long top to cover my mid section, maybe another top over it creating layers, light make up, powder and eyebrows done, small earrings, jacket.


In my early twenties I was with a guy who is a bodybuilder, I was into fashion and modelling, perfect match cause we both cared about the way our bodies looked. I began from there, used to be in the gym four days a week, was encouraged to enter power lifting contest and I received trophies for my hard work, since then I’ve always been into keeping my body in shape. I would feed on the thrill I felt during my training sessions, the power I felt was remarkable, such a tiny woman could lift something so heavy, I enjoyed watching my body change and take its womanly shape! My guy at the time would admire me every chance he got, so staying focused was an easy choice, it’s hard to say how I remained focused though, because like the earlier shoe story when I want something I usually find a way to achieve it, that’s if I really want it! I guess it’s just now I’m built.
Recently I picked back up my fitness regime and set goals for myself, the thing which triggered this, was my fibroids. I refuse to believe I will need surgery to get rid of them, so I said to myself I will do this with eating and taking better care of my body heading to my 40’s, and I just did it!

Final word

My advice to young girls would be to be yourself from your head to your toe! Be respectful even when you’re angry, think more positive about yourself despite what anyone else says!



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