Happiness factor

I’m on the internet a lot as I am sure you are too and of late I’ve noticed a surge in ‘happiness’ blog posts and messages. At first I thought this was great because we have so many negative messages out in the world that we need to have something to counteract this. However, as I read a few of the posts I felt that something was missing. For starters happiness isn’t a place that you can get to; it’s a state of being and a way of life. I’ve read posts that left me questioning whether I was in fact happy or not and if I wasn’t maybe all I need to do is just follow the recommended tips and all will be well. Umm…it doesn’t work so! At least not for me.

We’re a complex race and that includes our feelings. We aren’t always going to feel happy and that’s okay because let’s face it life is challenging as well as amazing. It’s yin and yang; day and night…you get the drift. Linear living doesn’t exist even though there are lots of people who do believe this is the case and attempt to live their lives in this manner. Bad things happen to good people all the time and this can take away from your happiness factor. The feelings of frustration, anger, despair and whatever that comes up for you are all valid. Remember that.

So what I’ve realised is that the things that will get me to that state of happiness may be different for you. Again this is okay. The ‘one size fits most’ doesn’t really cut it when it comes to happiness.

Do your thing peeps and find your happy.

Be well peeps!

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