Gratitude is the buzz word that gets thrown around like a cricket ball. We’re told that it’s the thing to create abundance in our lives and adds to our happiness.

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We’re meant to wake up each day filled with gratitude and that pretty much improves our lives. To a certain extent I do agree; gratitude adds value to our lives. It helps us to see what we truly have and can put a positive spin on things.

I’m a half glass full kinda girl, it’s just the way I am which I’m grateful for. However, of late I find myself struggling with the gratitude aspect of life and instead of beating myself up, I went back to basics. When I say basics, I mean basics. I give gratitude for waking up, because life has no guarantees and you could fall asleep and not wake up the next day. I am grateful for my body, because despite it’s imperfections it functions and each day I wake up I am given an opportunity to improve my body and health.

I am also grateful for all you peeps that read, follow, like and comment on this little blog of mine. It means a lot and I appreciate you all!

You see life can challenge us to the point where we bend or break and suddenly you’re swimming in the pain of it all.  You loose your ability to see the good in your life. When it gets to that point, taking it back to the basics of what positives you have in your life can help balance out the crap.

Remember to breathe. Have a great Monday peeps!

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