Neals Yard and the weather

The British weather is a bit like a commitment phobe boyfriend or girlfriend. One minute it’s bright, sunny with mild temperatures and the next minute (literally) it’s freezing cold and you’re caught off guard. Rant over!

I had gone on a lunch time stroll to break up my day and reclaim my lunch break (check out Stylist Magazine’s campaign here). Anyway, the weather was amazing I turned down a side street in Covent Garden and basically walked into an oasis…Neal’s Yard. Funny thing is I’d been there before but usually it was in winter and the spring weather gave it a different vibe…look. I so wanted to take pictures but didn’t have my camera…bummer! I thought I would return the next day….umm no said the British weather, not today!

So finally, when it couldn’t make it it’s mind whether it was sunny, rainy or in between I ran..well walked quickly and snapped a few shots.

This place is your one stop shop if you’re looking for a restaurant that serves vegan, vegetarian or just all round healthy food. I can attest to the Wild Food Cafe’s burger. I didn’t miss the meat and I love my meat! Neal’s yard itself is a natural beauty shop that sells anything from face creams to massage oils….the smell emanating from that place is absolutely divine.

If you ever get a chance go visit and just fill your lungs, your bellies and your eyes.

Have a great day peeps!

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