Relax me in….Tunisia

The hum drum of life can get to you sometimes. I know it gets to me. Plus, I seem to have a yearning somewhere inside of me to travel and to get out there and see something.

The impulse of travel is one of the hopeful symptoms of life ~ Agnes Repplier

Anyways prior to the excitement of Cannes, my cousin and I booked a mini trip to Tunisia. Why? It was cheap, cheerful and somewhere new to explore.

We got to the Diar Lemdina based in Hammamet on  Sunday morning. The weather was a bit overcast which eventually turned to rain but the hotel we stayed, boy did it make up for the blip in the weather!

Bedroom Bathroom Out the window

If you live in a big city you can understand how space is at a premium, but not here. Everything was huge! The bathrooms had beautiful, colourful handmade tiles. Just gorgeous!

The staff were friendly and very welcoming. The hotel itself is inside of a Souk, so all your shopping, spa and coffee fixes could be had right on your doorstep. I highly recommend the hammam followed by a massage. Your stress just simply melts whilst you float away on a stream of bliss….yup it was that good!

Outside cafe

We did go exploring and did the usual purchasing of nick knacks, but most importantly we went to the beach. The water was too cold this time of year but it was just so relaxing to be near the sea and take it all in.


There were vendors selling their wares but they pretty much left you alone when you said ‘no thank you’.

Beach vendor

All in all Tunisia was a fantastic break after the whirlwind of the festival. So tell me where would you like to go to next?

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