Say no to the meat!

Everywhere you turn, there it is. You can’t but help notice everyone seems to be on the vegan bandwagon; celebrities, neighbours, family and friends. So I decided to try it out and see if this is something I could actually do and for how long.

I went meat free!

I gave myself 5 days to do this challenge and thought it was pretty do-able…ummm! I did 4 full days and by lunch time of day 5 I caved in big time! I realised that for me personally, going vegan full time is not for me now. I say now because no one truly knows what the future holds.

Have a look at some of the meals I ate…

Grilled vegetables

Grilled vegetables

Greek salad

Greek salad

You may probably call me names for giving in just at the finish line but honestly I am really proud of myself. I set a challenge and although I didn’t finish at 100, I got to at least 85 and that’s saying a lot for this girl who comes from a country that loves meat :). Not to mention that I tried out a new recipe…Avocado pesto pasta. Really delicious, simple and easy to make!

Avocado pesto pasta

Avocado pesto pasta

What I also gained is a better understanding as to why some people don’t eat meat; which can be a good thing. I may not be able to switch 100% but I can certainly reduce the amount I consume. That’s a win, win in my books 🙂

So tell me, can you give up meat? Or what are you challenging yourself to do this month? week? or year?

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2 thoughts on “Say no to the meat!

  1. Those meals look nice-tasting, but maybe a bit low on protein? If you try it again you might want to consider adding in a few more beans and nuts or other high protein food to keep your appetite satisfied 🙂


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