Interview- Calculo

Some reading for the weekend 😉

Work in Progress by Majean G


Hugo Martins is a soft spoken 20 something year old, who looks so unassuming that if I told you he was a dynamite, passionate, knowledgeable Portuguese rapper you’d think I had grown 4 heads. They do say never judge a book by it’s cover ;). I was especially intrigued by his tattoo which is, you guessed it, a calculator. He goes by the name Calculo and recently released a music video, which is linked below.

I decided to sit down in the park to talk to him about his music, his passion and his life really. Here we go….

What’s the meaning behind your stage name?

In English Calculo means calculus. It means when I’m Calculo I feel more exact, definitive; like Maths is more 1+1=2. When I’m wearing that mask Calculo I feel more sure.

How did you get started in the rap scene?

I started to be involved…

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