Colourful muses

Happy Wednesday peeps! If you’re in the UK you’re probably wondering, like me, where has the sunshine gone? One week we’re in bliss with a heatwave and the next, it’s grey skies and rain. Don’t get me wrong, I love the rain too but can a girl get decent sunshine in this place?!

In light of the dreary weather, I thought I would do today’s post on the colourful options that are available; whether it’s in clothing, shoes or home wares. Here are a few of my pics 🙂

OPI Lost my Bikini in Molokini

Asos- Oh My Love Cami Dress

Asos- Oh My Love Floral Cami

Asos- Hustle Heels

East2eden Vintage- amazon

John Lewis- Cornishware mug

What was your favourite and share in the comments below your favourite colour(s) for summer. Until next time, thanks for reading and click the follow button to get up to date posts.

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