Good morning beautiful. How are you and how was your weekend? I know you’ve been enjoying my autumn winter series and thank you to all who have commented and liked. I really wanted to do something that would be helpful for the colder months. I know it can be challenging at times. Today’s post, as you can tell by the title is all about Santorini, Greece.

I have been wanting to visit this place since I saw the blue and white buildings, which are everywhere, and the gorgeous scenery. You may have recalled in my last travel post (click here) I said this place was my five in five and I am pleased to report that I can tick it off my list πŸ™‚

My bff and I decided a few months ago that a mini holiday was needed so we decided we’ll go to Santorini. Looking at prices was a bit disheartening because it wasn’t exactly cheap as chips until Wowcher came to the rescue (cue the superhero music) and provided a deal for accommodation, Β£49 for 3 nights for 2 people. I kid you not! We booked it knowing full well that it’ll probably be not the greatest of hotels but it was in Perissa and opposite the black sandy beach with fairly decent reviews. Flights came next and as we were flexible they came up to Β£120 each. Flexibility did mean an 8 hour stopover in Athens, which we were happy about because we were able to spend a day wondering around the city visiting Acropolis and the old market.

Knowing that we were leaving cold and grey England for warmer and sunnier climates was enough to make us happy to catch the 7.50am flight. When we landed it was 26 degrees Celsius and amazingly brilliant sunshine. We had booked airport transfers and immediately found our driver, who told us a bit about Santorini and that they made their own wine (60 vine yards thank you very much) and around 600 churches! He dropped us off at our hotel and the guy at the front desk explained that the room was not a favourite with guests, which we could see why when he showed us, but we can stay at a neighbouring hotel at no extra charge. We jumped at the chance and although it was further away from the beach, the mountain views….

mountain view

mountain view

mountain view2

mountain view2


Perissa is fairly rural, at least where we were, but there was a certain charm to the place. The 24 hour bakery that was family run and made everything from scratch! The leather goods stall/shop (it was a combination of both) that was run by the cutest husband and wife, who I purchased a bag for my camera from at a decent price.

On day 2, we decided to see where the day took us and ended up in Fira. We stumbled across the bus stop (none of us have a drivers licence) and hopped on it looking for adventure. Fira did not disappoint with it’s beautiful sea views, winding streets and cable car rides. This part of Fira is basically a mountain that streets were carved into and houses built upon. There is an Old Port which you can hike down to or take a donkey ride or cable car.

However, what really did it for me was the views at sunset…

I am so going back to Santorini for a longer visit because 3 days was not enough.

Where would you like to go next? Share in the comments below.

Thank you for reading until next time x

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