Lust list for November

Good morning beautiful. How you doing? (in Joey from friend’s voice)

Today as the title says, I’m sharing my lust list for November. These are things I would really, really, really love to get my hands on! Hopefully, they give you some inspiration and if you do have a lust list, link them below I would love to see it 🙂

H&M ladies sale

H&M dress £22 (sale)

This I would style with black ankle boots and a leather jacket for a tough yet semi casual look. I would add a statement necklace like the Wallis one below with metallic heels for a night out, like a work Christmas party 🙂

Wallis Bronze flower collar necklace

Wallis necklace £20 (sale)


Ok the next couple of pieces are from the HMxBalmain collection, because you would have to be under a rock not to have known about this collection. The first is a long wool coat and I would wear a simple camisole white dress and the OTK boots by Ted & Muffy below.

HMXBalmain long wool jacket

HMXBalmain wool jacket £99.99

The other Balmain piece I’m lusting after…truly I love the dresses but with my shape (think a brick) I would look like a hot mess…is from the men’s collection. Yup that’s right I stepped outside of my box. I would style this piece as simply as possibly and just let it do it’s thing. Think black high waisted jeans or leather pencil skirt and a scoop neck top.

men's jacket from hmxbalmain collection

HMxBalmain jacket with shawl £59.99

I mentioned these earlier and it’s the OTK boots by Ted & Muffy. I’ve been lusting after a pair for a looooooong time and still haven’t been able to get them. Plus I saw Ellie wear them in a post and was reminded how amazing they are!

ted & muffy Althea OTK black suede boots

Ted & Muffy Althea OTK £300

Finally, this little smexy number which I know is a little risque but, this isn’t something you wear to Sunday mass or wedding. Oh no this is something you wear to a cocktail party or club when you’re feeling yourself (to quote Beyonce). You can find this dress on Missguided

missguided lace velvet binding midi dress

Lace Midi £40


Until next time, have a good one! x






















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