First day in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka! Not really the kind of place you hear about, dream about or even put on your bucket lists. Needless to say when I landed in Colombo after a week in Dubai, I wasn’t really expecting anything. Nor had I planned anything except a beach list compiled by Hand Luggage Only (side note these guys go everywhere and have awesome ideas). Anyway all I knew was that my friends were picking me up from the airport.

After landing and clearing immigration, I felt it, the humidity and heat. Horns honking, people everywhere, there’s a vibrancy and buzz in this place.

The day after I arrived we decided to go down South to Mirissa Beach (sorry Hand Luggage Only peeps I didn’t get to visit any of the beaches on your list) and although it was a trek, it certainly was entertaining. For starters if you decide to visit and drive please prepare yourself for no indicating, over taking in oncoming traffic and my favourite, cows just sitting in the middle of the street because well…just because 🙂

On our way there we stopped at a turtle sanctuary and oh gosh…nature is a beautiful thing. Have a look!

Kosgoda sea turtle conservation, sri lanka

Turtle sanctuary


After we oohed and aahed over the beautiful turtles, we finally made it to the beach. It definitely did not disappoint. Warm waters, soft sand and the delicious food from Zephyer.

Not a bad way to start and end my first full day in Sri Lanka 🙂
Until next time, be well beautiful x

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