Visiting Gangaramaya Temple in Sri Lanka

Why hello beautiful it’s almost Christmas! Have you finished all your shopping? Wrapped all your presents and just waiting for the big day? Yeah me either! However, I’m having a pretty chilled Christmas and essentially making it the way I want to. If you’re looking for more tips on coping with the holidays, check out my tips on surviving the holidays here. So on with today’s post, I am finally (finally) putting up a visit I did to a temple whilst in Sri Lanka. If you missed the last one, you can read about it here (p.s. there are turtles in that one ;))

The great thing about visiting a place where you have friends who live there is that they know some really cool and interesting places to go. So when my friend suggested the Gangaramaya Temple; a landmark in Colombo that has been in existence for over 120 years.

There were beautiful statues everywhere with a mixture of Sri Lankan, Indian and some Chinese statues seen everywhere.

gangaramaya temple entrance in colombo sri lankagold statue at Gangaramaya templeRepairs were being done to the oldest part of the temple, however what was visible took my breath away….

Gangaramaya temple, Sri Lankagangaramaya temple, sri lankaIt reminded me of the Lara Croft or Indiana Jones movies, where they discover a hidden temple with amazing statues. Only difference was this was real and I was standing there!

carved stone, gangaramaya templeGold sitting statue, Gangaramaya temple, sri lanka

Oh did I also mention that there’s a tree, that many view as sacred, growing in the middle of the temple? Oh and it’s not any little tree, it’s huuuuge with a statue built to encase it of sorts.

statue and tree, gangaramaya temple, sri lankagangaramaya templeSri Lanka was busy, noisy, hot, spicy, beautiful, unusual and fun all mixed into one. I look back at these pictures and consider myself truly fortunate to have visited.

Comment below if you have visited this temple before or Sri Lanka. What were your thoughts?

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