Why I love to travel

Hello you wonderful beauties. Hope you had a wonderful weekend out there in the world.

I was thinking about what travelling gives me and why I love it so much. If you think about it travelling is the one thing in the world that pays you back in dividends.

I think I’ve always had a sense of wanderlust from the time I was a little girl, growing up in the Caribbean. I think it stemmed from watch my mother go Island hopping and my aunt going camping, sometimes taking me along. That sense of wonder,when you get on a plane to go somewhere new and different has always been with me. Don’t get me wrong, I love my home country and England where I have chosen to build a life. However, I have to say there’s something exciting, sexy and educational about jetting off somewhere that is completely different from your day to day life, here’s why


1. You learn more about yourself through travel – visiting a new place opens up new experiences which then creates opportunities for you to see yourself in a different light.

2. You develop new skills – I mean have you ever tried to pack for a week’s holiday in hand luggage? Trust me that’s a skill! It involves critical thinking; as you have to decide what’s important and creativity; recycling pieces to create new outfits.

3. It gives you space to really reflect on what’s important – I made some of the toughest decisions whilst away on holiday. Being away from the minutiae of life gives you perspective on what’s truly important and valuable.

why I love to travel- www.majeang.com

4. Challenges you – oh yes travelling challenges you to step outside of your comfort zone and pushes you to try something different. Whether it’s food, drink or an activity. Another way it challenges you is with your preconceived notions. We each have this idea of how things ‘should’ be but until you experience it, we really don’t know.

These are a few of the reasons I love to travel, what are yours? Share them in the comments below.

As always, thanks for reading and until next time be well.


12 thoughts on “Why I love to travel

  1. Travel is not a luxury for me it is a nessecity! I’m in a taxi at the moment in the way home from the airport (Melbourne for a quick work trip … I go twice a month so not exciting lol!) As soon as I get home I am going to be booking flights to Tokyo for November. On Saturday I am heading to Maroochydore until Tuesday, then Wenesday will be Brisbane for work again (just a day trip). In June we are heading to Hamilton Island, July/August is Hawaii, October is Bali and hopefully the Japan trip comes off for November. It’s a busy year!

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  2. I’m actually not a huge fan of travelling, as I’m a bit of a homebody! But I recently spent 6 days in another city, and I was able to bring a lesson back home with me. Because I was in a different city, I found myself LOOKING UP a lot – looking at buildings, at art, at all the things I’d not seen before. I noticed most people around me were looking down at their mobile phones as they walked. It made me really sad that they were missing out on so much! And then I realised that I do this in my home city too. So I made a pledge to myself to look up and around more, even when I know where I am and what’s around. For me, a big part of travelling is about appreciating what you have at home. 🙂


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