Taking a Risk

Hello you wonderful, beautiful people. What wonderful things have you discovered about yourself this week? Or what have you observed that you didn’t before?

I’m sure we’ve all seen or at least heard about Beyonce’s visual album, Lemonade? Whilst I’m not a super fan, I have to say that I’m impressed with the artistry, the lyrics and just vulnerability of it all. This got me to thinking what a risk it must’ve taken to dig deep and come out with that piece of work. I also wondered about the risks that we all take. Now I’m not talking about the risks that can endanger your lives, but the ones that challenges and stretches us to do the things we wouldn’t have otherwise done.


why I love to travel- www.majeang.com

I look at the artists that have taken a lot of risks, like Michael Jackson, David Bowie and most recently, Prince (sidenote: his passing was a massive shock). They were seen as unique, talented, driven, weird, different..whatever name you want to add. However, one thing you can’t deny is that they were risk takers. They risked their music not being heard or seen by mainstream media because it wasn’t popular at the time. They risked being ridiculed for the way they looked, sang or the music videos they put out.

Bringing that back home, I also looked to see if I’ve taken any risks and was surprised to see that I in fact have. I moved from my country of birth where 21 degrees celsius is considered cold, to blighty without knowing many people and proceeded to build a life here. I risked in relatioinships and whilst they didn’t end in happily ever after, I have gained more understanding about myself and who I am. Finallly, most recently I resigned from my job, without a job to go to, because I was no longer happy nor fulfilled (eek!).

Now don’t get me wrong, taking a risk is not the absence of fear, far from it! However, when I look back I don’t see that it was a risk per se, nor do I believe any of the artists I have mentioned. Instead it was a recognition that the greatest risk is to not truly live your life the way you want it.

I would love to read about any risks you’ve taken in the comments below. Please know that I do read every single one of them, it’s like a present everytime I get a notification.

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Until next time be well


Photography by Lisa, check out her Instagram page.

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