Spring pampering

So it’s gotten a bit warmer and we even had a couple of hot days, which if you live in the UK, is amazing! Sadly, it has reverted to it’s usual cooler self with bursts of blue skies (hurray!). For me, spring (and summer) still means that you get to pamper yourself but I just change my scents. Lighter, fresher and softer scents usually call my name during this time of year.

I heard about Rituals before but never stepped foot into their store until I heard about the Sakura range.

Rituals Sakura body oil and bath foam

With it’s elegant yet subtle packaging I had to go smell it in store and boy I was not disappointed! After spending some time deciding what to get, I settled on the shower body oil and bath foam soak. Can’t you smell the cherry blossoms through your screen 🙂 The body oil left my skin feeling soft and moisturised after use, so much so that I didn’t need any body lotion.

Neom, rituals and face mask

After a luxurious shower or soak, I like to put a sheet mask on. They’re easy to use and carry around with you if you’re overnighting at a hotel or just got back from a flight. Even short haul flights can dehydrate your skin and I recently came back from Copenhagen, so pampered myself with a Pink Lemonade Face Mask I picked up in TkMaxx.

lemon sheet mask from TKMax

With my body and face glowing and soft it’s time to pamper my hands because, I think our hands can tell a story of who we are and what we do. If you’re a believer of Palmistry, then hands can also tell your future too, yet they get neglected even though they do so much for us. I’m a firm believer in taking care of your hands and feet all year round. I’ve featured this product on my blog before (click here) and will feature it again because I really enjoy using it and sharing is caring 🙂

Kenneth Turner spirit hand lotion

The Kennether Turner’s hand lotion which I love because it’s creamy, yet not greasy and moisturises my hands.The scent which I am obsessed with, is called Spirit. Trust me you need to go get it!

Kenneth Turner Spirit hand lotion

With my hands all smooth and soft, I like to play around with scents because they play an important role and can affect your mood. Not only focusing on perfume (which I do have) but also scents for the home.

Real Luxury Neom diffuser refill

For me, everyone’s home has got a hum and a smell to it which changes according to the season. I had a couple of Selfridges giftcards (one I’ve had since 2014! Thank God they don’t expire!) and decided to treat myself to lovely smelling diffusers from Neom. The scents are in Real Luxury and Complete Bliss which are both perfect for creating that pampering vibe.

Neom real luxury and pure bliss diffusers

Technically, they’re refills but I got two Ikea vases for £1.25 (can’t beat that!) and decanted them. They smell so amazing and when I walk into my place or the bathroom I am just transported to a place of happiness.

Suu by masaki

Finally, is the old favourite of perfumes. I got into perfumes fairly early on in life and my preference is always something with staying power but not overpowering. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve passed people in the street who smelt like they bathed in their perfume. It ain’t my cuppa teal!  I stopped in Sephora whilst in Copenhagen and smelt this perfume called Suu by Masaki and althougth I’d never heard of it, it left a lasting impression and I had to buy it!

Suu perfume by Masaki Paris

Top notes are pear, carambola and pomelo. It’s fruity, fresh with a hint of sweetness.

I would love to read how you’re pampering yourself for the new season. Let me know in the comments below.

As always thank you for reading.

Until next time be well


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